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Seal of Honor: "Promise me this; that you'll stand by me forever. But if God forbid fate should step in, and force us into a goodbye, you will point to my pictures and tell them my name"

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In an effort to expand access to and ensure the preservation of the records, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) together with the Department of Defense (DOD) developed a schedule, signed July 8, 2004, making the Official Military Personnel Files (OMPF) permanent records of the United States. This schedule mandates the legal transfer of these files from DOD ownership to NARA ownership 62 years after the service member's separation from the military.

Vern Mock is Hawaiian. Note the slope of his jaw, the Hawaiian hands, his broad shoulders, and the way Vern is squatting. Vern's left jaw slopes down sharper than the right. The thumbs-up gesture is an American sign language and is also only one finger away from the Hawaiian shaka.

CL Chapman is a black man / round eye from one of the US southern states like Mississippi. Note the color of the skin on his face and hands. His face is long and narrow and his nose is narrow but round on the end. His posture is one of southern American, somewhat slouchy and relaxed. The personalities of Chapman and Mock are distinguishable.

There are five Americans in this picture - two teams - Meadows, Chapman, Mock; Buckley & Dodge.

Buckley and Dodge had just arrived in camp right before this picture was taken. Chapman and Mock are younger men around the age of 19 or 20. Meadows, Buckley, & Dodge are obviously older and more experienced men. Meadows was about 37 years old when this picture was taken. 5 man LRRP.


vern       vern


C.L. Chapman (1969):

chapman    chapman

life span circa 1947 - 1969


    *    Began taking martial arts at the age of 5, Kajukenbo Master
   *    Had a photographic memory. could remember a meal 5 years past; what everyone wore, what everyone ate, and what the conversation was
   *    Took ROTC in high school
   *    Origins of Chinese, English, Hawaiian
   *    MOS: 5 languages, explosives
   *    Vern was short which is most likely why he chose to squat in the front row. Also his chest is very wide for a man of his height. If you notice, his shoulders are nearly as wide as Mike Buckley's shoulders.
   *    Ambidextrous: shot weapons with his left hand; cut hair with his right hand (Notice Vern's Hawaiian hands in the picture at the top of the page and also that the left hand is over the weapon.)
   *    Had a peculiar way of sqautting with impeccable balance. Sat by bending both knees at once. One knee is not up or down to try to maintain balance.


Mike Buckley


Clarence Dodge


Dick Meadows

"You don't have to stand tall, but you do have to stand" - Vern Mock



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